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Anastasia Blackwell was born and spent her formative years on the Oregon coast. Her father taught English, directed theater, and coached sports at the only high school in the mill town. Her mother kept busy with five children under the age of ten. Precocious from a young age, Anastasia enjoyed recreating scenes from novels her father brought home, as there was little to do in the fog-drenched city. She suffered from asthma and was  bedridden for periods of time, confined to spend recuperative hours reading classic literature and imagining a more sophisticated, romantic, and adventurous existence. However, the respiratory ailment did not keep Anastasia from arm-wrestling her brothers and swinging through vines of the dense Oregon forest. The day she first stepped onto the school stage was a miraculous moment, never to be forgotten.

Her parents relocated to Portland, where she skipped up a grade, and focused energy on playing tournament softball, and collecting speech and dramatic competition awards. She worked her way through college to earn a B.S. from U of O, and later studied for a M.A. in Theater Arts,  After graduation, she performed  an array of jobs. The former tomboy was a finalist for Miss Portland and supported herself as a swimsuit and commercial model, while participating in the wildly creative Northwest music and theater scene. Her experience performing classical and experimental theater further solidified a belief in the transformative power of the arts.

Anastasia was recruited to San Francisco, where she became a professional actress and voice-over artist. Subsequently, she was hired by a CBS affiliate to work in marketing/commercial production, where she co-produced award-winning commercials and community affairs spots. She was later hired by a radio station to provide community affairs updates and on-air news reporting.

However, the stage lured her away from the world of business to collaborate with a group of actors that forged a tight clan, similar to New York’s legendary Neighborhood Playhouse. The group was dedicated to the highest standards of truthfulness in theatrical performance, and members went on to form enduring SF theater companies.

Determined to let nothing get in her way of performing, she acted until six months pregnant with her first child. But, after the birth of her son she suffered vocal chord and shoulder paralysis. Doctors estimated her odds at 98% of never being able to speak, sing, laugh, or drink normally for the rest of her life, and was told she must accept her fate. But she did not give up hope of rehabilitation.

A year later a miracle occurred, and she began to gradually recover her voice. A second child complicated recovery, but she remained steadfast and returned to the stage six weeks after the birth of her son, claiming the part of the sexy opera singer in “Lend Me a Tenor”. Her intense dedication and a vow to never give up eventually led to awards, including Outstanding Principal Performance  in “Nuts” and Outstanding Principal Performance in “Sight Unseen”.

However, a promise at a shrine and a terrifying experience in a haunted house on an island outside Montreal set Anastasia in a direction she could not have imagined. A novel began to take shape, and although she never sought to become an author, she soon began to instill her  passion into writing the story of a world-weary woman‘s journey of self-discovery and empowerment in the French Canadian underground. She devoted herself to research and studied with renowned masters of storytelling in literature and film. Contemporary gothic suspense, “The House on Black Lake” was published by Creative Revolution Media in March, 2010.  The screenplay was later adapted and is currently in development.

Two years before the novel was published, she conceived the idea of creating a cinematic trailer. At the time book trailers were in their infancy, and a cinematic version, to her knowledge, had never been produced. Drawing upon her experience in production, she brought together an accomplished indie team and used her skills as an actress, voice-over artist, director, and producer to create the video.

In late 2010 she was honored to be invited to join such prominent authors as Stephan King, John Grisham, and Nora Roberts in a fund raiser for The First Amendment Project.

In 2013 Anastasia was listed as one of the most prominent Gothic writers of the early 21st century, by Andrew Smith, in the Edinburgh Critical Guides, “Gothic Literature”.

Shortly thereafter, Anastasia founded WAM JAMS! – Writer’s, artists, and musicians collaborating to create new forms of art. The group;s inspiration led to creation of an original music video, with performances by aerial artists, incorporating her years of carnival arts training, including the flying trapeze. It is the first documented original music video based on scenes from a novel.

Currently, Anastasia works as a professional actress, writer, and voice-over artist in Los Angeles. Her passions include the flying trapeze, horse back riding, adventure travel,  skeet shooting, literature, philosophy, theater, film, history, and more – a boundless curiosity and desire to explore every aspect of modern and ancient life.

Her novel/screenplay “The Chamber of Curiosities”, a Romantic Fantasy set in a medieval carnival, was published in 2017, and the screenplay is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Anastasia is currently in negotiation for rights to her newest screenplay, “I AM HUMAN”, a Sci-Fi Fantasy set against the backdrop of Hollywood, New Years 2025. The screenplay has been recognized as a finalist in notable screenplay competitions.

In 2018 a pilot in which she co-starred, “Disillusioned”, won Best Short Comedy in the Nice Film Festival and was recognized in the Amsterdam Film festival. In 2019 she co-starred in feature film, “Miriam Graves” that won “Best Thriller” and was nominated for “Best Picture” in the IFS Los Angeles Film Festival.