Actress Writer Producer SAG-AFTRA *AEA

  • Dynamic

    A critic describes her technique: “There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of muscles in the human face. They are tiny, yet used properly can hold the attention of an entire audience. Blackwell proves that without a shadow of a doubt.”

  • Versatile

    The actress delivers what one theatre critic described as “a near textbook example of theatrical subtlety”.

  • Creative

    “A scene between actors is like a duel, and I always strive always to win in a manner both unique and daring"

  • Trapeze Artist

    Anastasia Blackwell is an accomplished trapeze artist, who used circus skills to create original music videos. And, to create an Historical Fantasy novel/teleplay about life in the carnival in medieval times.

  • Playful

    Attacks comedy with the same wild abandon as drama. Brings joy and humor to the set, no matter the genre.

  • Passionate

    Brings confidence, conviction, and absolute dedication, whether on the battlefield of love, or war.

  • Adventurous

    Anastasia has a passion for story telling. She has traveled the globe in search of a deeper understanding of the cultures, and history of our world.