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Anastasia Blackwell is author of novels, screenplays, and teleplays in different genres and historical times. Scroll down to preview her scripts.

Anastasia Blackwell screenplays/teleplay preview may be downloaded below:

Preview of Pilot for Episodic Historical Fantasy "The Chamber of Curiosities"

Read the first 15 pages of 60 page pilot for Historical Fantasy TV series set in a carnival in an ancient land. "The Chamber of Curiosities" is the first...

Preview of Pilot for Episodic TV Gothic Suspense , "The House on Black Lake"

  Read the first 15 pages of Gothic Thriller set in the outskirts of Montreal in the Summer Solstice of 1995. Download here: THE HOUSE ON BLACK LAKE Teleplay Screenplay was awarded "Best Screenplay" in the Wiki Screenwriters Competition. Copyright Anastasia Blackwell, 2023. All rights reserved.  

Preview of 1960's Coming-of-Age Comedy Screenplay, "Outlaw Night"

First fifteen pages of 120 page screenplay for 1960's Coming-of-Age Comedy Screenplay set in Portland, Oregon, and a Native American Reservation, "Outlaw Night" may be viewed here: Outlaw Night Preview - First 15 Pages Copyright Anastasia Blackwell. All Rights Reserved.  

Preview of Urban Fantasy Screenplay, "I am Human"

A 15 page teaser for 120 page Urban Fantasy Screenplay, "I am Human" set in Hollywood, New Year's Eve 2025. Download here: I AM HUMAN Screenplay Screenplay was a finalist in Screencraft Comedy Competition. Copyright Anastasia Blackwell 2023. All rights reserved.